CLEANZ Oxy Soak 1kg

The Powerful Partner in Grime to Cleanz Concentrate

Laundry: - whitens whites & brightens colours,  removes stains as a spot treatment or soak, sanitises & removes odours

Bathroom: - removes soap scum and stains from bathroom tiles, showers & baths used in conjunction with Cleanz Bathroom dilution,  sanitises & removes odours

Toilets: - sanitises and removes stains & odours

Kills germs

For more uses and instructions explore our User Guide here

 Ingredients:  Sodium Per Carbonate, Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash) 

  • Contains no nasty chemicals
  • Sodium per carbonate breaks down to oxygen and water in the environment after 
  • Sodium carbonate (soda ash) softens the water and whitens and brightens your laundry when combined with sodium per carbonate

In the interest of the environment we have chosen not to include a scoop of any sort as we figure you will no doubt be able to find a spoon, old cup or scoop from previous products - the less stuff we produce the better!

    Join the movement toward a healthier planet