ALL-PURPOSE - 1 part CLEANZ Concentrate to 11 parts water

BATHROOM - 1 part CLEANZ Concentrate to 5 parts water

GLASS CLEANER - 1 drop CLEANZ Concentrate to 500ml. distilled water

FOAMING CLEANSER - 1 part CLEANZ Concentrate to 4 parts water

LAUNDRY- 1 part CLEANZ Concentrate to 2 parts water

You can use CLEANZ in your home to clean almost anything, without having to revert to the use of chemicals.  CLEANZ is a revolutionary, chemical free product designed to be gentle on your household, your family and the environment.

CLEANZ is a plant and mineral based surfactant cleaner.  

What does this mean ?  In simple terms a surfactant cleaner lifts dirt and germs from your surfaces and washes them down the drain -unlike chemical disinfectants and sanitisers which kill some germs, but not all.  Research by the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention shows  that surfactant based cleaners are much more effective than disinfectants or sanitisers at removing all germs.


Once you have diluted your laundry solution 1 part Cleanz to 2 parts water, you only need the following amounts for an effective clean that is harsh on dirt but gentle your clothes:

Small to medium loads - 1 ½  capfuls 15ml

Medium to large loads - 2 capfuls 20ml

We know that seems like a small amount but trust us it's all you need. If you are more comfortable with another capful, try that first!

As we do not use harsh chemical ingredients that you find in other laundry detergents and powders, our laundry liquid works best when used in conjunction with CLEANZ Oxy Soak.  As per the instructions below, for whitening and brightening simply add Oxy Soak to your wash, or for tougher loads, pre-treat stains by pre-soaking or spot treating the areas.

These extra steps enable you to move away from the chemical wash process and from hot or heavy duty cycles that can damage your clothes.  CLEANZ is both gentle and safe on you - and on your clothes.

If you like your laundry to have a scent, we recommend adding 6-7 drops of your favourite essential oil to the laundry bottle when making up the solution or add a couple of drops directly to your detergent dispenser as you go.

Laundry Whitener & Brightener : -

- Add 1/4 of a cup of Cleanz Oxy Soak to an average load of whites to sanitise, whiten and brighten.

Spot Stain Remover :

- Sprinkle Oxy Soak onto stain and wet with Cleanz All Purpose

- Rub gently and leave for 5 mins before washing.

Pre Soaking + Hand Washing:

- Separate whites from colours

-  Pretreat stains with Cleanz All-Purpose

- Add 2 tablespoons of Cleanz Oxy Soak to 9 litres of warm water. 

- Soak for at least 1 hour or or overnight until the stain has lifted.

- If hand washing, rinse well before drying.


Just as the name suggests. This dilution has an almost endless list of uses: kitchen benches, stove tops, sinks, taps, appliances, walls, tiles and more

There are a couple of ways to use Cleanz to wash your dishes safely. Dishes, after all, are the very surfaces we eat off!

All-Purpose: - scrape waste into compost and then spray each item thoroughly. Leave to sit and work a few minutes whilst you do something else. Then scrub with a brush as you rinse under water - and you're done!

Foaming Cleanser: - scrape waste into compost, pump the foaming cleanser onto your dishes and scrub or sponge in hot water

Concentrate: - add a teaspoon of Concentrate to a sink of hot water, agitate to create suds, leave to soak a few minutes before scrubbing or sponging your dishes clean

Spray liberally with CLEANZ All-Purpose and wipe clean with a dampened microfibre cloth.  For tough or stubborn grime, let sit for 5 mins before wiping.

Boards used for preparing uncooked meat, chicken, fish:   Spray liberally with CLEANZ All-Purpose, allow to sit for 2 min, scrub vigorously with a scrubbing brush, rinse off with hot water. 

Fill your sink with water, add 15ml (one tablespoon) of Cleanz Concentrate to the water. 

Allow the produce to soak for 5 -10 min before rinsing in clean cold water. 

Or simply spray with All-Purpose - leave for 30 secs and rinse.

For best results with stainless steel, spray with All Purpose cleaning spray and use a paper towel to wipe off.  On some stainless surfaces the All-Purpose spray, maybe too strong to eliminate streaking so use the CLEANZ Glass cleaneras an alternative or to finish.

Cleanz All-Purposeis suitable for use on marble, travertine and other natural stone surfaces, However, test in an inconspicuous spot to ensure the cleaner does not affect any stone sealer that may have been applied.


Spray with CLEANZ Bathroom Cleaner and clean with a microfibre cloth and warm water. For tough grime allow a full dwell time of 5 mins.

Buff dry with a clean and dry microfibre cloth for sparkling results.

To move tougher stains in the bowl - flush to wet the bowl, sprinkle CLEANZ Oxy Soak into the bowl and leave for 5 min.  Scrub the bowl with a brush then flush.

Use Cleanz Bathroom Cleaner - spray liberally - allow to sit for 1-3 mins - wipe down with warm water using a microfibre cloth.

For mopping -add 2-3 teaspoons of Cleanz Concentrate to a bucket of hot water (4 litres) for an effective clean of your floor tiles or linoleum 

To clean grout -spray with Bathroom sprayand sprinkle liberally with Cleanz Oxy Soak.  Use a scrubbing brush to scrub away grime and stains - rinse with warm to hot water and buff dry with a clean and dry microfibre cloth for sparkling results.

Remove that pesky soap scum and destroy the breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Spray liberally with Cleanz Bathroom Cleaner- leave for a minute or so, wipe clean with a microfibre cloth and warm water.  

For hard to remove soap scum use Cleanz Oxy soak- sprinkle on the affected area, spray with Bathroom Cleaner - scrub , rinse and wipe off with a microfibre cloth.

Spray the mirror with Cleanz Glass Cleaner and wipe with a glass cleaning microfibre cloth


Always vacuum floors before mopping. Add only 1 teaspoon of Cleanz Concentrate to 4 litres of warm water. 

NB: It is important to only use highly diluted Cleanz to use on sealed timber floors. 

More than this may break down the structure of the finish on the floor.  It always pays to test on an inconspicuous area of the floor before using over the whole floor.

You can simply use your All-Purpose spray on a microfibre cloth to dust wooden surfaces, or try this nourishing wood dusting spray:

- 1 cup of distilled water
- 1/2 teaspoon of Cleanz Concentrate
- 1 Tblsp extra virgin olive oil
- 3 drops of organic lemon or bergamot essential oil (optional)

Combine all ingredients into a spray bottle and shake gently to mix.

To use:

- Shake the formula before each use
- Spray a cloth (microfibre for best results) with the dusting spray and wipe surfaces to remove dust.

NB: Ensure you test on inconspicuous patches of your furniture before use.

For mopping - add 2-3 teaspoons of Cleanz Concentrate to a bucket of hot water (4 litres) for an effective clean of your floor tiles.


Cleanz has been designed to be gentle and irritant free to your skin and eyes and is more gentle than other natural soaps.

It is completely safe for you to use around children and babies, is safe for their skin and can be used to clean highchairs, toys and anything they come into contact with.

Use as you would any other hand soap.

Dispense 1 - 2 pumps of foaming cleanser onto wet hand, rub together for 25 seconds and then rinse well with water.

Use in the shower or bath as you would any body wash.  Cleanz is great as a “no tears” wash for little ones.

Perfect and gentle for removing make-up or using as a cleanser. A gentle and soothing solution for those with allergies, or sensitive skin.


Looking for an ultra-safe alternative to conventional baby wipes? Just spray All-purposesolution onto a damp cloth or soft paper towel. And there you have it! CLEANZ Baby Wipe!

Get rid of any fecal matter from diapers.  Run diapers through a cold rinse & spin cycle with no detergent. Then run them through a hot wash using 1 tbsp Concentrate and 1-2 scoops of CLEANZ Oxy Soak.  For heavily soiled diapers, soak overnight in 1 tsp. concentrate and 1 scoop Oxy Soak.

Spray All-Purpose Cleanerall over the surface and wipe it clean with a dampened microfibre cloth

Using a dampened cloth (we recommend microfibre for it’s extra ability to pick up dirt and germs) and spray with All-Purpose cleaner. Wipe all parts that are washable. 


Rinse your pet with water and use either CLEANZ Foaming Cleanseror spray with CLEANZ All-Purpose cleaner. Lather and rinse thoroughly. 

To clean and get rid of those odours - empty and rinse the tray and then spray liberally with CLEANZ All-Purposeand let sit for 5 minutes.  Rinse with hot water. 

You can also spray directly on litter to control odour.

Remove all waste and food from the tray, spray with CLEANZ All-Purpose and let sit for 5 minutes - then wipe the surface. For droppings, let sit for a few more minutes and then wipe. Spray solution on bottom of cage for odour control. No need to rinse.


CLEANZ is completely biodegradable and therefore run off has no harmful effect on the environment.

To get rid of oil stains from driveways or garage floors, spray water first, then with CLEANZ All-Purpose. To allow the product to break up the grease, let the solution sit for 5-30 minutes. Use a stiff brush and rub briskly, then rinse. Re-apply if necessary.

Add 2 teaspoons of CLEANZ Concentrate a 10 litre bucket filled with warm water.

Bugs, bird droppings, tree sap, and tar need to be spot treated using CLEANZ All-Purpose first.  Spray spots, let dwell for 30 seconds, gently rub with a dampened microfibre cloth and with a little elbow grease the tar and tree sap will be gone.  Repeat the application a second time for tough spots if necessary.  To avoid removing waxed surfaces, rinse treated areas immediately after application.

Spray with CLEANZ All Purpose and let it sit for approximately 20 mins. Scrub with a stiff brush.  For really hard to move grime use a little pure Concentrate, apply with a stiff brush and allow it to do its job for 20 mins - brush off and wipe clean.

Add your laundry liquid to your washing machine

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