There are a couple of ways to make up your dilutions:

1. Using the Cleanz Kit bottlesthat show fill lines for water and concentrate

2. Using your own bottles,follow our dilution ratios in the User Guide.

To work out the millilitres of water and product required, follow this example:

e.g. - All-Purpose - 1:11 (1 part Concentrate to 11 parts water - total = 12 parts)

eg. you have a 600ml bottle

Divide 600ml by 12 parts = 50ml per part

1 part Concentrate = 50ml

11 parts Water = 550ml (50ml x 11)

Dilution for 600ml bottle is 550mls of water + 50mls of Concentrate

This one is easy!

1. Fill to the fill lines indicated on the Cleanz Kit bottles (or fill with most of the water ratio in your own bottle)

2. Add concentrate slowly

3. Add the remainder of the water (to neck of bottle in kit bottles) with a slow and small stream of water

Too much water pressure creates the foaming action - if this has occurred, simply leave to settle and then proceed with adding the remaining water quantity

See ouruser guidefor an extensive range of uses and dilutions!

We are all about the reduction and elimination of single use plastics!

Although bottling our product in a plastic bottle doesn't make us perfect, we feel that by replacing the number of plastic bottles of cleaning products (16!) it would take to replace this 1L PET 1 bottle of Concentrate, together with our clients we are making huge strides towards the reduction of plastic ending up in our environment and our recycling system.

We have chosen PET 1 as it is the easiest kind of plastic to recycle. Our spray bottles can be used over and over again.

We hope to be bringing you a glass offering of spray bottles soon and will continue to make improvements and progress on our journey to becoming plastic-free.

To scent or not to scent!

Although our product has been developed with being as irritant free as possible - and therefore fragrance free - we realise that a good percentage of us love things to 'smell' like we've cleaned when we're done.

Fear not! Cleanz Concentrate is the perfect blank canvas to create your own personalised scented cleaning productsby adding one or a blend of your favourite essential oils to your dilutions.

The best thing is that you can create a different scent for each dilution or purpose and change it up if you get bored! Not only can you create your own scent, but every essential oil has its own set of powerful properties, which can also enhance the power of your cleaning.

NB: it is important to note that although natural, essential oils are extremely powerful and potent and should be used as directed.

For this reason, we have partnered with registered naturopath and essential oil expert (coming soon), who has written a complete guide to the best essential oils to choose from, their properties and how much to add to each dilution.

The Cleanz Essential Oils Guide and selection are coming soon!

Most pumps and dispensers are designed to be used once and then thrown away.  With our bottles being refillable over and over again, you may find the pumps sometimes clog up or lose their gusto - they just can’t keep going forever!

The good news is it may just be a simple case of cleaning your foaming pump to get it working again - here's how

The ingredients are:Purified Water, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Coco Glucoside, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Decyl Glucoside, Sodium Phytate.

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