CLEANZ Oxy Soak Refill 1kg



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The Powerful Partner in Grime to Cleanz Concentrate

Laundry: - whitens whites & brightens colours,  removes stains as a spot treatment or soak, sanitises & removes odours

Bathroom: - removes soap scum and stains from bathroom tiles, showers & baths used in conjunction with Cleanz Bathroom dilution,  sanitises & removes odours

Toilets: - sanitises and removes stains & odours

Kills germs

For more uses and instructions explore our User Guide here

 Trusted & transparent Ingredients:  Sodium Per Carbonate, Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash) 

  • Contains no nasty chemicals
  • Sodium per carbonate breaks down to oxygen and water in the environment after 
  • Sodium carbonate (soda ash) softens the water and whitens and brightens your laundry when combined with sodium per carbonate

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