Fragrance-free alternatives for everyday products

Fragrance-free alternatives for everyday products

Now that we know the hidden dangers of Synthetic Fragrances ( ie the problem ) 

Let's explore the options for not using them. ( some solutions )

This is a list of 20 products we use in our everyday lives that are highly likely to have a synthetic fragrance as an ingredient and some suggestions around alternatives.

  1. Skincare - Lipsticks - Use Natural skincare such as Aleph. A NZ brand with no synthetic fragrances  
  2. Laundry Detergent - Use  Cleanz Laundry and if you like a scent add drop or two of an essential oil  of your choice
  3. Sunscreen - Consider Seastick Sunscreen Co hand made in NZ
  4. Dryer Sheets - Discard the chemical ones and use wool dryer balls -  add a drop of essential oil to one of the dryer balls
  5. Fabric Softeners - Just do without this -  when you use Cleanz Laundry liquid you won't need a fabric softener - see our article on Fabric Softeners
  6. Rubbish Bags -  Buy fragrance-free and add a drop of essential oil to the bag if you really need a scent
  7. Household Cleaners -  See our Cleanz range 
  8. Plugin and spray air fresheners - try a Reed Diffuser Or fresh-cut flowers
  9. Vehicle air fresheners -  Discard these  Do you really need this in your car?  - wind down the window!
  10. Toilet Paper - Buy fragrance-free, do you really need fragrant toilet paper?
  11. Tissues -  Buy fragrance-free – do you really need fragrant tissues?
  12. Deodorants -  Many fragrant free options Green Goddess,  or try a Crystal Deodorant 
  13. Hair Gel - try Ocean Gypsy- Beach Hair Balm
  14. Dishwashing Liquid - Eco Store Ultra Sensitive
  15. Toilet Bowl Cleaners -Use Cleanz Bathroom  plus a scoop of Oxy Soak
  16. Pet Shampoos -  CLEANZ foaming hand and body wash is a great option for your pets. 
  17. Pet Litter - Fragrance-Free option is available at Vitapet
  18. Scented Candles -  Consider an essential oil Reed Diffusers
  19. Perfume -  NZ Brand "ABEL" is a Natural Fragrance Company with a great story.   Business is Boring did a great podcast interview with the founderFrances Shoemack its worth a listen to Podcast
  20. Shampoos - Soaps.- Eco Store has a couple of fragrance-free options in both shampoo and soap. 

Of course, we live in a world full of Synthetic Fragrances and not in a bubble -

But what goes on in our bubble we can control, it's worth the effort. 

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