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  • July 13, 2022 3 min read

    Do you want to hear something that is both fascinating and freaky? If you put a frog in a pot of tepid water and then turn the element on, the water heats up slowly, and so, quietly & over time, the frog ends up being cooked alive, because the change is so gradual she doesn't realise the danger….until its simply too late.(Be advised, no frogs were harmed in the writing of this piece).

    But, as mind-bending as this is, it has real relevance to the cleaning products you use in your home, and some of the serious (even life-threatening) safety risks which you are probably not even aware of, yet. Stick with me here, I promise to not get all science-nerdy on you as I share some basic facts (based on research) about the cleaning products in your cupboard, and what they may be doing to you and your family over time.

    For most of us, cleaning is a means to an end, right? So it's not something you want to have to worry about. You simply want your house to be clean and safe, and you want a fuss-free, feel good solution. Perfect! Cleanz can give you that, and here’s why that's even more important than you realised.

    1. Fumes from many common cleaning products may induce asthma and respiratory problems even in otherwise healthy people. Say whaaaat? Yep, this risk is posed even for those of us without pre-existing conditions. Not what any of us want or need, especially with Covid-19 making respiratory issues that much more concerning these days. In fact, research has shown that 1/7 cases of adult asthma can be attributed to the widespread use of spray cleaners. And the harm doesn't stop there, foetal exposure can affect an unborn child’s
    respiratory health too, and the rate of both asthma and allergies in children is continuing to rise, with airborne irritants and indoor air quality being linked as factors.

    2. Those findings are not all that surprising given that most traditional cleaning products are made with harmful & toxic substances, some are even carcinogenic & have been linked with a higher incidence of breast cancer. And this stuff is likely in your home as you read this, nicely branded, familiar and appearing benign and used multiple times a day.

    3. FACT: Did you know that studies have shown simple and safe cleaning agents like ours, are as effective as the traditional, toxic concoctions that are probably throughout your house? Natural products like Cleanz get the same results without the risks to your health, your family’s health, our environment and our waterways. That means you dont need to compromise safety for cleanliness, anymore.

    4. And also, can we all agree now, that if it needs a ‘safety bottle’ to protect your child, it’s because the stuff inside is dangerous? Do you want dangerous substances in your home, now that you know you have other safe & superior alternatives? Personally, as a Mum I’ve found that ‘kiddy-proof’ bottles do NOT remain effective deterrents as your child’s coordination, determination and curiosity grow, so I’m proud to be able to provide a safe solution to households across the country.

    5. And, even if you are diligent and time-rich enough to read the small print on the labels of standard traditional cleaning products, it won’t help most people. You’ll simply find a long, long list of confusing, technical ingredients, each of which has more syllables than sense. Seriously, pick up a bottle and try to read the ingredients. You’ll be shocked & horrified. Moreover, several ingredients even have codes and numbers so you genuinely cannot make sense of them, leaving you none-the-wiser for having read the label - that
    doesn't seem legit or transparent.

    And here’s the truly crazy part of all of this: NONE of these risks are necessary, because Cleanz offers a safe, affordable, environmentally and family-friendly solution (if you’ll excuse the pun). It’s what we do and we’re proud of it. And when I say we deliver…. We really do. Right to your doorstep, taking the fuss and stress out of keeping your home clean & safe.

    When your kids learn to ride a bike you buy them a helmet; when they travel in a car, you make sure they wear a seatbelt; and when you (or they) stock & clean your home, equally, as a Mum, you of course want to do all you can to make sure everyone there is safe.

    So, why not try one of our kits today, and discover how good it feels to know you can remove the old dangerous & toxic items from your home? When you choose Cleanz, you’ll be supporting NZ-made, keeping it local and keeping your home sparkling clean, while being crystal clear and confident about the safety of your family and your environment.

    Cleanz Foaming Cleaner

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