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  • January 06, 2022 4 min read

    Cleanz was born out of the desire for us to take more control over the only environment we can have control of – our homes. 

    We extensively researched all aspects of the cleaning products available and their ingredients and saw the need for a cleaning solution that was effective, yet gentle on the environment and ourselves.

    If you are starting out on your journey towards detoxifying your home, welcome! We hope the information below gives you a good idea of why it is so important to make the switch to natural, nontoxic cleaners as well as your options. If you are simply keen to know more about Cleanz and its effective yet gentle nature, please read on.

    Why natural cleaners are better for your family

    Studies have shown using soap and warm water to be as effective as most conventional household cleaners. Studies have also proven that long term exposure to chemicals found in conventional cleaners can lead to a plethora of health risks.

    Unlike traditional cleaners, natural, nontoxic cleaning products like Cleanz do not leave harmful substances in the air for you to inhale. With products like Cleanz, the air stays unpolluted so you don’t have to worry about chemical poisoning, skin irritation and respiratory infections.

    As well as keeping the air safe and clean, Cleanz removes bacteria from surfaces instead of killing it. Bacteria adapt and grow more resilient against anti-bacterial cleaners, so instead of getting rid of them all, antibacterial cleaners potentially create stronger strains of bacteria.

    Importantly, the dangers of children encountering nontoxic cleaning products over conventional ones, are far less.

    Why nontoxic cleaners are better for the environment

    In terms of the environment, the products we clean with go down our drains or evaporate into the air around us. Conventional cleaners contain harmful substances that end up in our waterways and can turn more toxic, affecting our water quality, harming marine life, and reentering the food chain.

    If not our waterways, chemicals evaporate and turn into volatile organic compounds that degrade air quality and contribute to outdoor smog.

    With nontoxic products like Cleanz, you know what you’re using at home is equally as friendly on the environment as it is on your family.

    Most household cleaners come in 500ml bottles. Cleanz comes in a 1litre bottle along with 4 other small bottles for you to divide the solution amongst, depending on its use (bathroom/glass/all-purpose/foaming cleanser). These small spray bottles are for permanent use. By using a solution like Cleanz, you are saving up to 16 plastics bottles from going to landfill each time you purchase the 1litre bottle. Much of today’s plastic waste ends up in the ocean as tiny particles that marine life digest and then in turn we digest. So, the fewer bottles that go to landfill, the better.

    Different types of natural cleaners

    At Cleanz we offer a nontoxic cleaning solution that does all the work for you, simply add water and you are good to go. However, there is also the option of making your own natural cleaners by using everyday ingredients that you find in your kitchen cupboard.

    A word on green washing
    Manufacturers are not obligated to list all the ingredients in their product, they are only required to do so if the ingredient contains over a certain level of toxicity. For example, a product may claim to be green or eco-friendly because it contains a natural ingredient like orange oil, but that may constitute only 1% of the product and the rest are chemicals, many of which will not be listed on the bottle. As holding these companies accountable can be an expensive and lengthy process, many products remain on our shelves that are not as natural or harmless as they claim to be.

    What about Cleanz then?
    Full transparency was a top priority when we decided to come up with our own cleaning solution. Cleanz is made from 100% plant and mineral based ingredients. It is wheat, irritant and fragrance free, completely nontoxic, biodegradable, and non-GMO.

    We herald Chamomile for both its therapeutic, calming, and anti-inflammatory attributes as well as its powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and antiallergenic properties. Combining this effective yet gentle ingredient with our formula results in a product that effectively cleans all areas of your home while leaving your skin and sensory systems intact and without irritation.

    By working with different dilutions, you can use Cleanz  to clean your kitchen, bathroom, car, pets, bathe your children in, wash your face with and so much more; all the while keeping yourself, your family, and the environment free from harmful substances.

    We understand that trying to find a cleaning product that is effective but gentle on your family and the environment, can be overwhelming and confusing. To keep it straightforward, it pays to remember that traditional cleaners are laden with harsh substances; even products that claim to be green or eco-friendly often have toxins in them. So, to ensure you are doing the best by your home, health and the environment, always choose a natural, non-toxic cleaner.

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