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We have put together a resource directory of household items, products and articles with DIY tips to help you transform your home into a healthy, toxin-free haven for you and your family.

If you have any suggestions you would like us to add please get in touch via our contact form or leave a comment below!


Cooking & Food Storage

Non toxic Home Furnishings


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Organic Baby Products & Kids toys


Natural Skincare, Personal Care and Make-up


Men's Organic Grooming Products


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    What is toxic body burden?
    What is Toxic Body Burden and What Can We Do About It?

    Simply put, this term describes the amount of toxins in your body that you are unable to get rid of.  What is left is called “toxic burden” or “toxic overload”.   Too many toxins in your body at once will overload your system, and can lead to increased inflammation and oxidative stress if you don't reduce your exposure.

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    8 tips to reduce inflammation in your body
    8 Tips to Help Reduce Inflammation in Your Body

    Inflammation (swelling), which is part of the body’s natural healing system, helps fight injury and infection. But it doesn’t just happen in response to injury and illness.  An inflammatory response can also occur when the immune system goes into action without an injury or infection to fight.

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    7 ways to strengthen your immune system
    7 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System Now

    Optimizing your immune system has perhaps never felt as critical as it does going into 2021.   When it comes to bolstering the immune system, a lot of people just want a quick fix or magic pill, but unfortunately, there is no such thing.  


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