Foaming Cleanser Pump Maintenance

how to fix your Cleanz foaming cleanser pump

How to unblock your foaming cleanser pump

Most pumps and dispensers are designed to be used once and then thrown away.  With our bottles being refillable over and over again, you may find the pumps sometimes clog up or lose their gusto - they just can’t keep going forever!

The good news is it may just be a simple case of cleaning your foaming pump to get it working again - just follow the instructions below and you will likely find you are back on the road.  

If cleaning your pump does not solve your issue however, please get in touch with us at [email protected] and request a replacement.


What you’ll need:

  1. Foaming pump
  2. Distilled white vinegar
  3. Warm water
what you'll need to fix your foaming cleanser pump

Step 1:

Remove foaming pump from bottle and flush with water under the tap

Fill a bowl or cup with warm water and pump 20 times over a sink

Step 2:

Turn the pump upside down and pump 5 times to drain

Step 3:

Put some white vinegar into a glass and put the straw end of the pump into the vinegar - pump 20 times over a sink

Step 4:

Turn the pump upside down again to drain, pumping 5 times

Step 5:

Rinse the pump under warm water and set aside to drain

That’s it!  You’re good to go :)

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